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Main Program[Bearbeiten]

mediawiki2latex is currently part of the ubuntu saucy, as well as the debian jessi distribution. In case you got one of them installed. Just do

sudo apt-get install mediawiki2latex


  1. Use .
  2. On the bottom of the page you will find the list of architectures. Usually you need to click amd64 (or i386 if you got an old machine). After choosing the mirror the deb file will be downloaded.
  3. Doubleclick the deb file
  4. Click the Install Button. This will take a very long time and the progress bar will move very slowly since more than 1GByte has to be downloaded for the ubuntu servers. So please be patient. It is important that you click the Install button only once, particularly since the progress bar might disappear during the installation. You may also use the system monitor to look how the installation proceeds.
  5. run from the command line mediawiki2latex

Unicode Font[Bearbeiten]

To enable the full unicode range you need to install the fonts and enable the -f command line option. You will find the fonts together with the README file in the 6.6 folder on . Starting from version 7.2 this is not needed anymore since full unicode support is already included in these versions.