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Installation on Ubuntu[Bearbeiten]

sudo apt-get install mediawiki2latex

Installation on Debian[Bearbeiten]

mediawiki2latex is included in the Debian Stretch distribution and works out of the box, but the output is limited to a few pages. To work around this problem you should install mediawiki2latex version 7.29 in Stretch. Please install mediawiki2latex version 7.25 first by typing (as root).

apt-get install mediawiki2latex

Then install the build time dependencies (as root).

apt-get install ghc libghc-x509-dev libghc-pem-dev
apt-get install libghc-regex-compat-dev libghc-http-dev cabal-install libghc-hxt-dev
apt-get install libghc-split-dev libghc-blaze-html-dev libghc-file-embed-dev
apt-get install libghc-highlighting-kate-dev  libghc-hxt-http-dev libghc-regex-pcre-dev
apt-get install libghc-temporary-dev libghc-url-dev libghc-utf8-string-dev
apt-get install libghc-utility-ht-dev libghc-http-conduit-dev libghc-happstack-server-dev
apt-get install libghc-directory-tree-dev libghc-zip-archive-dev libghc-strict-dev
apt-get install libghc-network-uri-dev
apt-get install ghostscript calibre latex2rtf libreoffice 

Download mediawiki2latex version 7.29 from sourceforge. Extract the archive and run (as root in the directory in which you extracted the archive from sourceforge)

make install

Installation on other OS[Bearbeiten]

I recommend to use virtualbox or an other kind of virtual machine and run Ubuntu in there. The program itself is already larger than Ubuntu, so installing Ubuntu does not add much overhead. The large size of the program is due to the many dependencies for latex packages and fonts, and the way they are packaged. In total a bit more than 1 GByte of packages has to be downloaded during the installation on Ubuntu. The .tar.gz archive of the source code is also available on sourceforge.

User Manual[Bearbeiten]

see the User Manual

Command Line Version[Bearbeiten]

A command line version is currently available as part of the Stretch debian distribution, as well as the current ubuntu distribution.

LaTeX intermediate Code[Bearbeiten]

On Linux you can use the -c command line option with an absolute pathname.








In Action[Bearbeiten]

To see it in action look here: Datei:Wb2latexCompilingWikibook2PDF.ogg


The follwing Link Benutzer:Dirk Huenniger/wb2pdf/details explains some of the inner workings of the software.

Quality and Statistics[Bearbeiten]

A test run in October 2014 processing 4369 featured articles of the English Wikipedia did produce a PDF file in each case. In particular these were all featured articles we were able to find at the beginning of the test.