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Admin mop.PNG This user is an administrator on the English Wikipedia.
Vista-evolution-1.4.png This user is a respondent on the OTRS quality queue.
Wikinews-logo.png This user is an administrator on the English Wikinews.

Hi, and welcome to my userpage! This account is the authorised account for this project of the user "Daniel", a Wikimedian who primarily edits the English Wikipedia. With single user login, this account is linked by the software to the global account "Daniel". For more information, see this documentation page.

If you need to contact me, I would suggest using email; my email can be accessed via Special:Emailuser/Daniel. Leaving a message on my English Wikipedia user talk page is also a viable alternative. However, I may miss messages left on my local user talk page. If this account appears to be compromised or similar, please feel free to block it and contact me via email so I can sort it out as quickly as possible.