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Philosophy of the Psycho[Bearbeiten]

Before going into the topic of my philosophy, I wish to tell you that I am a psycho, I even got a certificate, that certifies that I am dangerous. Ok I don't have it anymore, but I once had it. So this text does not really belong to wikibooks but rather reflects personal views of a psychotic individual. My basic assumptions are:

  • free decision or free will does not exist.
  • good and bad don't exist.

I will try to explain what I mean with it. I am coming from a Christian country and here it is commonly believed that a human has got a choice. I doubt exactly that. I don't think there is a mind that controls the body. I think if you see someone deciding, you just see the body acting in a certain way. You can not really know if there is a mind behind body, that has taken the decision and thought about it before taking it. And when I walk around watching how my body reacts to external stimuli, I don't feel like there is a mind controlling it. In science it is quite common that you assume that something that you can not observe in any way does not exist. Ok there is still enough space for a mind, as there is enough space for a god or for ghosts, and I don't mind anybody believing in these kind of things, I just don't. Since I am not responsible for my actions I don't feel any regret anymore. And I like it a lot. Furthermore I do not expect anything in live to be consistent anymore, and that also makes live a lot easier. But sadly I can not compare social systems in terms of good and bad anymore. So I can not tell you whether capitalism or communism or national socialism are good or bad systems. I feel a bit sad about this. And there is also the problem that I can not do anything good. I feel a bit sad about it. It funny that I don't start to do things, that are considered bad by the society I live in, immediately. I think this is because I live in it for so much time (and have been exposed to its psychological facilities, starting from kindergarten or even earlier), that I am just used to act in a socially acceptable way, without needing any ethical reasoning. These ideas have got a funny implication, if there is nothing I can do about the way my body acts, there does not seem to be anything left that distinguishes me from dead matter. So I finish by misquoting a move "We don't know we are dead, but I am quite sure we are". There is one more point. I got some thoughts that i can not publish. If I did they will be deleted and I might possibly be punished. This is not only true for the servers of wikipedia but for nearly all networks in Germany. An exception are anonymity networks like tor. I am not using them but I hope that we will one day live in a world were we won't need them anymore and we can really type anything we want.