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Benutzer:Dirk Huenniger/poetry

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You are like a rainbow
so beautiful, so unreal
It makes me run
but never reach
You are like a cloud
so beautiful, so impossible to grab 
Making all the constellations come and go 
with your dense steams 
You are like the butterflies 
so beautiful, so restless 
in between the flowers 
so helpless to the showers 
You are like a lake at night
your surface shows the beauty of the stars 
But your deep grounds
are never seen 
You are like the universe
so beautiful, so cold, so empty
But there are wonderful minds in you 

The reader unfamiliar with the word "shower" may find enlightenment those two quotes<b

Stijn Scheerlinck (2001): "Official definition: making someones had wet"

Koen Paes (2001): "It is an act of love"

Unfortionatly we also have to quote:

Jörg Dietrich:"You are never told what the constallation map is about"

I came to the conclusion 
that choice is an illusion
which caused the confusion
what psychologists call free choice, 
is what physicists call random noise