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Kai Burghardt was a male homo sapiens from planet earth. He was developed in 1992.




The vast majority of his skills and knowledge were attained through informal and non-formal learning. As of 2021 formal qualifications never actually contributed to his career. During his lifetime Germany was a very degree-oriented nation (exacerbated by academic inflation). Only by being a detainee in German-speaking prisons for more than 5 years, he was implicitly relieved of the burden to prove (with a separate degree) he could speak German. This permitted him, for instance, to enroll in college studies if the main language of instruction was German.

Languages and processing information in general were a significant part of his life. He could type texts on a computer using the NEO keyboard layout achieving speeds of over 300 strokes a minute. And he was able to produce German texts using the Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift, a shorthand system. Early on he begun learning the Pascal programming language and became a professional Linux user, comparable to an LPIC‑1 syllabus.

Since 2015 he regularly used MOOC platforms such as edX, coursera, but also KhanAcademy. Renowned classes he took include CS50 and Walter Lewin’s 8.01x (classical mechanics). All his activities were non-credit and rarely directly related to classes of formal education.


  • part-time obligatory imprisonment 2000 – 2014, EQF levels 1 – 4
    • Born in the early 1990’s, Kai Burghardt fell vicitim to the German orthography reform of 1996. This complicated acquisition of German spelling proficiency since novels, world literature, and everything else he read used the traditional orthography if published before 1997, whilst in school and in school textbooks the new orthography was taught.
  • 2012 – 2025, EQF levels 6 / 7 (includes a 2-year hiatus due to the SARS‑CoV‑2 pandemic)


Architectural photography were one of his recurring subjects.



Since 2009 Burghardt regularly practiced amateur photography. Since 2013 he was a member of the Vereinigung für Digitalkameraverweigerer, an informal club of people refusing to use digital cameras for artistic purposes.[1] His favorite film was the Ilford HP5+, a general-purpose high-sensitivity black-and-white film. He also took care of processing and printing photos. The Canon New F‑1 was his primary system camera.[1]


Every once in while he appeared on or off stage:

general aviation

Between 2008 and 2012 he was a student pilot at the glider airfield in his hometown of Uslar, LS. After his first solo flight in 2010,[5] in 2012 he was short of passing the second of three intermediate exams, the B exam, for acquiring a glider pilot license.

A color perception impairment, protanopia, disqualified him from obtaining a Class 1 medical certificate, barring him from pursuing many aviation industry careers including certain on-ground professions like air traffic controller. His Class 2 medical only allowed him to fly in daylight.


Burghardt regularly demonstrated left-liberal views, yet sometimes practiced conservative attitudes. He was a cosmopolitan and favored supranational unions such as the EU as an intermediate step toward a world government. As an anti-militarist he advocated for defunding the police and military.

Burghardt was an avowed atheist and believed in empirical research as the only reasonable method for establishing knowledge.


Kai Burghardt was a regular contributor to many Wikimedia-affiliated projects, such as Wikipedia or Wikibooks.

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