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Die Übungen sollen das erlernte Wissen aus dem Kapitel Since - For vertiefen!

Filling in Gaps

Fill in the gaps with since or for
Setze (entsprechend) since oder for in die Lücken ein!

  1. _____ 1995 we've been living in this house! I don't think we will ever move out!
  2. The Pizza does not taste well! I think we should not have baked it _____ two hours!
  3. I've been learning English _____ three years, now.


Translate the following sentences, please.
Bitte übersetze die folgenden Sätze.

  1. Is it true, that you can read since you are five years old?
  2. Für wie lange kannst heute du bei mir bleiben?
  3. Ich schreibe an diesem Song jetzt schon seit heute morgen!
  4. World War II went on for six years!


  1. Try to write a sentence which uses "since" and "for"!
  2. Try to translate the following sentence:

Since fifth grade I've been reading every day for five minutes an English text for school.

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