Gambas: Die Entwickler

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Wer hat Gambas entwickelt ?

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  • Benoît Minisini
    • France
      • Der Kopf des Ganzen
  • Fabien Bodard
    • France
      • IDE file/project/picture selector and mascot redesign.
  • Nigel Gerrard
    • United Kingdom
      • The MySQL database driver, the QT extended component, the SQLite database driver.
  • Paul Gardner-Stephen
    • Australia
      • Porting Gambas on Solaris
  • Daniel Campos
    • Spain
      • The network component, the compression component. Works on the GTK+ component too!
  • Carlos F. A. Paniago
    • Brazil
      • Porting Gambas on FreeBSD.
  • Rob Kudla
    • United States
      • GambasWiki webmaster and Mandrake RPM packages maintainer. The Percl Compatible Regular Expression component.
  • Ronald Onstenk
    • Netherlands
      • The find list in the Development Environnement.
  • Brandon Bergren
    • Porting Gambas on CygWin.
  • Laurent Carlier
    • France
      • The SDL component.
  • José L. Redrejo Rodríguez
    • Spain
      • Let Gambas compile on all Debian architectures.