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Amerikanischer Folk-Song Alternativtitel: Grandfather's Clock  •  Text und Melodie: Henry Clay Work (1876 publ.) bearbeitet von Paniolo und Mjchael 

My Grandfather's Clock gehört zum Standardrepertoire britischer Blas- und Bergbaukapellen und ist in den Vereinigten Staaten als Bluegrass-Stück beliebt.

Gitarre Ukulele (adf#h)
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My Grandfather's Clock[Bearbeiten]

Wikipedia hat einen Artikel zum Thema:
Wikipedia hat einen Artikel zum Thema:
Publikation von 1876
1st Verse
My [G]grandfather's [D]clock was too [G]large for the [C]shelf
So it [G]stood ninety [D]years on the [G]floor
It was [G]taller by [D]half than the [G]old man him-[C]self
Though it [G]weighed not a [D]pennyweight [G]more
It was [G]bought on the morn of the [C]day that he was [G]born
And was [G]always his [A]treasure and [D]pride
But it [G]stopped [D]short, [G]never to go a-[C]gain
When the [G]old [D]man [G]died
[G]Ninety years without slumbering, tick, tock, tick, tock
[G]His life seconds numbering, tick, tock, tick, tock
It [G]stopped [D]short, [G]never to go a-[C]gain
When the [G]old [D]man [G]died
2nd Verse
In [G]watching its [D]pendulum [G]swing to and [C]fro
Many [G]hours had he [D]spent while a [G]boy
And in [G]childhood and [D]manhood the [G]clock seemed to [C]know
And to [G]share both his [D]grief and his [G]joy
For it [G]struck twenty-four when he [C]entered at the [G]door
With a [G]blooming and [A]beautiful [D]bride
But it [G]stopped [D]short, [G]never to go a-[C]gain
When the [G]old [D]man [G]died
3rd Verse
My [G]grandfather [D]said, that of [G]those he could [C]hire
Not a [G]servant so [D]faithful he [G]found
For it [G]wasted no [D]time, and had [G]but one de-[C]sire
At the [G]close of each [D]week to be [G]wound
And it [G]kept in its place, not a [C]frown upon its [G]face
And its [G]hand never [A]hung by its [D]side
But it [G]stopped [D]short, [G]never to go a-[C]gain
When the [G]old [D]man [G]died
4th Verse
It [G]rang an a-[D]larm in the [G]dead of the [C]night
An a-[G]larm that for [D]years had been [G]dumb
And we [G]knew that his [D]spirit was [G]pluming for [C]flight
That his [G]hour of de-[D]parture had [G]come
Still the [G]clock kept the time, with a [C]soft and muffled [G]chime
As we [G]silently [A]stood by his [D]side
But it [G]stopped [D]short, [G]never to go a-[C]gain
When the [G]old [D]man [G]died


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