Programmieren mit dBASE PLUS: persistent

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Determines whether custom control, datamodule, menu or procedure files associated with a form are loaded in the persistent mode.

Eigenschaft von[Bearbeiten]

Form, SubForm


When set to true, the persistent property prevents files from being closed directly, through CLOSE ALL and CLOSE PROCEDURE, or implicitly, through SET PROCEDURE TO. To close a file which has been tagged "persistent", you must include the PERSISTENT designation at the end of the command, i.e, CLOSE ALL PERSISTENT, CLOSE PROCEDURE PERSISTENT, or compile the file using COMPILE <filename>. When set to true, the persistent property has the following effects:

  • When the form is being modified in the Form Designer, all SET PROCEDURE TO statements streamed in the form class definition will have the PERSISTENT option specified.
  • When the form runs, the form file itself, and any menu and datamodule files it uses, are internally loaded as PERSISTENT.

The execution of explicit SET PROCEDURE TO statements are not affected by the persistent property of the form. The presence (or absence) of the PERSISTENT option in any given SET PROCEDURE TO command determines whether it is loaded as "persistent". However, if the Form Designer was used, and Form.Persistent is set to True, all SET PROCEDURE TO statements will be loaded as "persistent".