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Es wäre schön, wenn ihr euch anmelden würdet, dann könnten wir auf eurer Benutzerseite miteinander diskutieren. Ich würde euch ganz gerne für das Thema Namenskonvention begeistern  ;-) .

URL consistency[Bearbeiten]

The page naming isn't entirely consistent (here or in the English wikibook) with respect to capitalization. This makes linking harder. I suggest a consistent system where the first letter is a capital and all others small, unless a capital is standard such as in proper nouns. All corresponding page names should be identical in all language versions to make interlanguage linking easier.(Andrew)Nov ialiste 22:50, 20. Jun 2006 (UTC)

The german wikibooks project has its own namingconvention. Please respect this and please use interwikilinks instead (those which are visible on the lower left side of the page) rather than language-domain-exchange in the url. There is no reason not using standard interwikilinks. -- ThePacker 23:04, 20. Jun 2006 (UTC)
Yes, but interwiki links still need the page name of the target URL to be specified. It was while making such links that I noticed the inconsistency which is inconvenient. What is the convention in the German wikibooks and is my suggestion clearly in conflict? In case you are unaware, this is an interlingual collaborative project: the people working on the different language versions are at the same Adult Education Centre in Raisio, Finalnd. We want the different language versions to mirror each other in important respects. (Andrew)
I'm aware of the project, that it is a multilanguage project, but i can't find anything problematic to have some extra blanks in the title after the slashes. You and everyone else can see, that the words after the slashes are the same. As long as there is a connection to the english version of this book (iw-link) from the german pages, a bot can link other languages as well. We have some other multilanguage projects e.g. Wikijunior they work too. We usually iw-link to english wb and from there to german wb. I will set up a bot, to do this, if neccesary. -- ThePacker 21:59, 21. Jun 2006 (UTC)