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Amerikanischer Folksong Alternativtitel: I'll Twine 'Mid the Ringlets  •  Text: Maud Irving (1860 publ.) Melodie: Joseph Philbrick Webster (1860 publ.) bearbeitet von Paniolo 

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Wildwood Flower (Originaltext)[Bearbeiten]

Wikipedia hat einen Artikel zum Thema:

Wikipedia hat einen Artikel zum Thema:

1st Verse
I'll C twine F 'mid the C ringlets of my G7 raven black C hair
The C li- F lies so C pale and the G7 roses so C fair,
The C myrtle so bright with an F emerald C hue,
And the C pale aronatus with G7 eyes of bright C blue
2nd Verse
I'll C sing F and I'll C dance, my G7 laugh shall be C gay
I'll C cease F this wild C weeping drive G7 sorrow a- C way
Tho' my C heart is now breaking, he F never shall C know
That his C name made me tremble and my G7 pale cheeks to C glow
3rd Verse
I'll C think F of him C never I'll F7 be wildly C gay
I'll C charm F ev'ry C heart, and the G7 crowd I will C sway
I'll C live yet to see him, re- F gret the dark C hour
When he C won, then neglected, the G7 frail wildwood C flower
4th Verse
He C told F me he C loved me, and G7 promis'd to C love
Trough C ill F and mis- C fortune, all G7 others a- C bove
An- C other has won him, ah, F misery to C tell
He C left me in silence, no G7 word of fare- C well
5th Verse
He C taught F me to C love him, he G7 call'd me his C flower
That C blos- F som'd for C him all the G7 brighter each C hour
But I C woke from my dreaming, my F idol was C clay
My C visions of love have all G7 faded a- C way

Der Autor ist vor über siebzig Jahren verstorben. Daher bestehen keine Urheberrechtsansprüche mehr an diesem Werk.


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