Programmieren mit dBASE PLUS: Funktionen: streamChildren

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Saves child TreeItem objects and properties to a text file.


<oRef>.streamChildren(<filename expC>)


The TreeView parent object of the child TreeItems.

<filename expC>

The name of the file to contain the child TreeItem objects and properties.

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Use streamChildren( ) to save the child TreeItems of a TreeView object to a text file. The filename may be any valid filename. If the file exists, it will be overwritten; if not, it will be created.

streamChildren( ) streams the class definition and properties (except for TreeItem method overrides) of all of the TreeItems in the TreeView. It does not stream the class definition for the parent TreeView, thereby enabling you to attach the streamed TreeItems to a different TreeView object using that TreeView’s loadChildren( ) method.


streamChildren( ) will overwrite any existing filename without warning, even with SAFETY ON. Always first check for the existence of the new filename, or use the FUNIQUE( ) function to create a unique filename.