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Image displayed between checkbox and text label when a tree item has focus.

Eigenschaft von[Bearbeiten]

TreeItem, TreeView


The tree view may display images to the left of the text label of each tree item. If the tree has checkboxes, the image is displayed between the checkbox and the text label.

The selectedImage property of the TreeView object specifies the default icon image for all tree items to display when that tree item has focus. You may designate specific icons for each TreeItem object to override the default. Use the image property to specify icons for when the tree item does not have focus. If any individual item in the tree has its image or selectedImage property set, space is left in all tree items for an icon, even if they don’t have one.

The selectedImage property is a string that can take one of two forms:

  • RESOURCE <resource id> <dll name>
specifies an icon resource and the DLL file that holds it.
  • FILENAME <filename>
specifies an ICO icon file.