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Hello </noinclude>{{subst:PAGENAME}}<noinclude>, and welcome to the German Wikibooks—an online community for writing free, open-content didactic literature in German language. You can help our project by correcting and improving the existing wikibooks, or even by writing a new one. If you need help, feel free to ask the community; or you can ask me, {{{1}}}, personally.

Besides, there is useful information for textbook authors in our Wikibooks manual and on our printing information sheet. (However, it is all in German.)

Certain parts of the manual have proven to be quite important for all newcomers:

News and announcements are posted in Rundschau—the German Wikibooks newspaper.

I hope you find the German Wikibooks useful for your context.

Sincerely {{{1}}} </noinclude>{{subst:LOCALTIME}}, {{subst:LOCALDAY}}. {{subst:LOCALMONTHNAME}} {{subst:LOCALYEAR}}<noinclude>

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