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ADIN (command) verb (integer) noun (integer) qualifier (float) drive (integer)

Add an instinct to the creature's brain queue. (The instinct is not processed immediately). Example: ADIN 3 4 0.5 7 encourages (by a factor of 0.5)  
the creature to do action 3 on category 4 when drive 7 is high.

BRN: DMPB (command)

Dumps the sizes of the binary data dumps for current lobes and tracts.

BRN: DMPD (command) tract_number (integer) dendrite_number (integer)

Dumps a dendrite as binary data.

BRN: DMPL (command) lobe_number (integer)

Dumps a lobe as binary data.

BRN: DMPN (command) lobe_number (integer) neuron_number (integer)

Dumps a neuron as binary data.

BRN: DMPT (command) tract_number (integer)

Dumps a tract as binary data.

BRN: SETD (command) tract_number (integer) dendrite_number (integer) weight_number (integer) new_value (float)

Sets a dendrite weight.

BRN: SETL (command) lobe_number (integer) line_number (integer) new_value (float)

Sets a lobe's SV rule float value.

BRN: SETN (command) lobe_number (integer) neuron_number (integer) state_number (integer) new_value (float)

Sets a neuron weight.

BRN: SETT (command) tract_number (integer) line_number (integer) new_value (float)

Sets a tract's SV rule float value.

DOIN (command) no_of_instincts_to_process (integer)

Make the creature TARG process N instincts.


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