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CABB (integer)

Returns relative position of bottom side of cabin.

CABL (integer)

Returns relative position of left side of cabin.

CABN (command) left (integer) top (integer) right (integer) bottom (integer)

Set a vehicles cabin rectangle. The cabin is the area in which agents inside the vehicle are kept. The rectangle is relative to the position of the 
vehicle. Default cabin is the bounding rectangle of part 0. You might want to use ATTR to set attribute Greedy Cabin, on the vehicle. This will make 
it automatically pick up items which are dropped in the cabin.

CABP (command) plane (integer)

Set the plane that vehicle passengers are at. This is relative to the vehicle's plane.

CABP (integer)

Returns the plane that passengers of the vehicle are at.

CABR (integer)

Returns relative position of right side of cabin.

CABT (integer)

Returns relative position of topside of cabin.

CABV (command) cabin_room_id (integer)

Sets the room number which things in the cabin think they are in. By default, the value is -1, and the room is the one underneath wherever the agent 
happens to be. Make sure you set this if the vehicle ever remotely leaves the room system. This command effects values returned from ROOM and GRID. It 
won't apply to some aspects of Creatures in the vehicle.

CABV (integer)

Returns the cabin room number.

CABW (command) cabin_capacity (integer)

Set the capacity or width of the cabin. This will determine how many passengers the cabin can hold, each passenger will be on a separate plane within 
the cabin. Use CABP to set the plane of the first agent relative to the cabin. The default width is zero, this means that the cabin will accept any 
number of passengers and will place them all on the same plane.

DPAS (command) family (integer) genus (integer) species (integer)

Drop all passengers matching classifier.

EPAS (command) family (integer) genus (integer) species (integer)

Enumerate over owner vehicle's passengers which match the given classifier. Similar to ENUM.

GPAS (command) family (integer) genus (integer) species (integer) rect_to_use (integer)

Collect all nearby agents matching the classifier as passengers.
rect_to_use 0 : Nearby means touching bounding rectangle of agent
rect_to_use 1 : Nearby means touching cabin rectangle

NEW: VHCL (command) family (integer) genus (integer) species (integer) sprite_file (string) image_count (integer) first_image (integer) plane (integer)

Create a new vehicle. Parameters are the same as NEW: COMP.

RPAS (command) vehicle (agent) passenger (agent)

Specified vehicle drops the specified passenger.

SPAS (command) vehicle (agent) new_passenger (agent)

Specified vehicle picks up the specified passenger.

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