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Apologies for writing in English but i do not know German.

Question why are half the article links written with Massey Ferguson spelt as Massey Fergusson ? as this main article is titled Massey Ferguson !

- BulldozerD11 01:16, 12. Nov. 2009 (CET)[Antworten]

Probably because somebody creating the links simply misspelled it? Since Massey is spelled with two 's' and Fergusson would sound better to a German speaker it is a very probably mistake (which I probably would've done myself ;). So any volunteers for moving the misspelled articles? --NeuerNutzer2009 14:59, 12. Nov. 2009 (CET)[Antworten]
Thought i'd better ask just incase it was a not a mistake (typo). I may move them later when I get bored on my own Tractors.Wikia.Com project. I fixed some page links last week were the manufacturers name was missing. I'm guesing as to what some of its says, and just doing the odd bit of clean up and add a few photos. I'm looking for info on some of the German makes and models. (found here via Wikipedia and Wikipedia.DE for Lanz
--Thanks for reply BulldozerD11 22:15, 12. Nov. 2009 (CET)[Antworten]
moved now, some articles need correcting in the infobox title/header.(I'll fix latter).
The create page template is also missing from a lot of links (I can add later) and some pages are not templated, just text ! (sorry I cannot read these to fix them)
- BulldozerD11 04:02, 13. Nov. 2009 (CET)[Antworten]

General things like a templat e should better be discussed on Diskussion:Traktorenlexikon. Thanks for your cleaning up :) --NeuerNutzer2009 12:10, 14. Nov. 2009 (CET)[Antworten]

was just making a note, as you speak / read english as it related to these MF sub pages . (have added comments to your note at main page about what i think (guess) are about orphan pages). - BulldozerD11 13:42, 14. Nov. 2009 (CET)[Antworten]


Seit wann werden in den Traktoren von MF Motoren von Sisu/Agco verwendet? -- 17:22, 22. Dez. 2012 (CET)[Antworten]

So weit ich weiß seit 2003 DynaVT 23:27, 8. Feb. 2018 (CET)[Antworten]

S anhängen[Bearbeiten]

Kann jemand bei den aktuellen Serien MF 7700 und 8700 bei jedem Typ ein S anhängen? Die heißen jetzt nämlich so. z.B.: MF 7726 S Bei den Traktoren der Serie 5700 SL fällt neuerdings das L weg, es müsste so heißen: z.B.: MF 5713 S Vielen Dank im Voraus--DynaVT 17:22, 1. Feb. 2018 (CET)[Antworten]