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Liederbuch/ Spancil Hill

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Spancil Hill[Bearbeiten]

Irish Folk Text und Melodie: Michael Considine (ca. *1850 - †1873) Tonart: dorisch bearbeitet von Mjchael 

Das Lied beschreibt das Heimweh eines Irland-Auswanderers in Amerika. Der Dichter Michal Considine wurde mitte 19. Jh. in der Nähe von Spancil Hill geboren,welches zwischen Ennis und Tulla in der Landschaft Clare in Ireland liegt. Auch wenn die Geschichte größtenteils erfunden sein mag, so sind die darin erwähnten Orte und Personen real.

\version "2.20.0"
\header {
 title = "Spancil Hill"
 % subtitle = "MeinSubtitle"
 % poet = "Texter"
 composer = "T+M: Michael Considine (ca. *1850 - †1873)"
 % arranger = "arr: ccbysa: Wikibooks (mjchael)"

myKey = {
  \clef "treble"
  \time 6/8
  \tempo 4 = 120
  %%Tempo ausblenden
  \set Score.tempoHideNote = ##t
  \key a\minor

%% Akkorde
myChords = \chordmode {
 \set chordChanges = ##t
 \partial 4 s4
 a2.:m a:m g g g g a:m a:m 
 a:m a:m a:m a:m c c g g
 a:m a:m a:m a:m c c g g
 a:m a:m g g g g a:m a:m 
myAm  = { a,8 a c' e' e a }
myG  = { g,8 g b g' d g }
myC  = { c8 g c' e' e g }

myDiskant =  {
  \set Staff.midiInstrument = #"acoustic guitar (nylon)"
  %% Akkorde nur beim Wechsel notieren
  \set chordChanges = ##t
  \partial 4 s4
  \myAm  \myAm \myG \myG
  \myG \myG \myAm \myAm
  \myAm  \myAm \myAm \myAm
  \myC \myC \myG \myG
  \myAm  \myAm \myAm \myAm
  \myC \myC \myG \myG
  \myAm  \myAm \myG \myG
  \myG \myG \myAm a,8 a c' e'

myBass = { 
 a,2 e4  a,2 e4 g,2 d,4 g,2 d,4  
 g,2 d,4  g,2 d,4 a,2 e4 a,2 e4
 a,2 e4 a,2 e4 a,2 e4 a,2 e4
 c2 e4 c2 e4 g,2 d,4 g,2 d,4
 a,2 e4 a,2 e4 a,2 e4 a,2 e4
 c2 e4 c2 e4 g,2 d,4 g,2 d,4
 a,2 e4 a,2 e4 g,2 d,4 g,2 d,4
 g,2 d,4 g,2 d,4 a,2 e4 a,2 e4

myMelody =  {
  \set Staff.midiInstrument = #"trombone"
  \relative c''{ 
    \partial 4 a4 |
  a2 d,4 | a'2 a4 | (g2 e4) | c2 
  e4 | g2 e4 | d2 c4 | d2.~ | d2
  a'4 | a2 d4 | d2 e4 | d2( c4) | a2 
  b4 | c2 d4 | c( b) a | g2.~ | g2
  a4 | a2 d4 | d2 e4 | d2( c4) | a2 
  b4 | c2 d4 | c( b) a | g2.~ | g2
  c8 b | a2 d,4 | a'2 a4 | g2( e4) | c2 
  e8 f | g2 e4 | d2 c4 | d2.~ | d2
    \bar "|."

myLyrics = \lyricmode {
  \set stanza = "1."
   Last night as I lay drea -- ming, of plea -- sant days gone by,
   Me mind being bent on ram -- bling, to Ire -- land I did fly,
I stepped on board a vi -- sion, and fol -- lowed with a will,
Till the first I came to an -- chor at the cross at Span -- cil Hill,

\score {
    \new ChordNames { \myChords }
    \new Voice = "mySong" { \myMelody }
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "mySong" { \myLyrics }
  \layout { }

\score {
    \new Voice = "mySong" { \myMelody }
    \new Voice = "Diskant" { \myDiskant }
    \new Voice = "Bass" { \myBass }

    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "mySong" { \myLyrics }

  \midi { }

%% unterdrückt im raw="1"-Modus das DinA4-Format.
\paper {
  %% DinA4 0 210mm - 10mm Rand - 20mm Lochrand = 180mm
  % bookTitleMarkup=##f

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Spancil Hill[Bearbeiten]

Last[Am]night as I lay[G]dreaming, of pleasant days gone[Am]by,
Me mind being bent on rambling, to[C]Ireland I did[G]fly,[1]
I[Am]stepped on board a vision, and[C]followed with a[G]will,
Till the[Am]first I came to[G]anchor at the cross at Spancil[Am]Hill,


T'was on[Am]the twenty[G]third of June, the day before the[Am]fair,
When Ireland's sons and daughters, and[C]friends assembled[G]there,
The[Am]young the old the brave the bold, their[C]duty to full[G]fill,
At the[Am]parish Church near[G]Clooney, a mile from Spancil[Am]Hill.


De-[Am]lighted by the[G]novelty, enchanted by the[Am]scene.
Where in me early boyhood where[C]often I had[G]been.
I[Am]thought I heard a murmur. I[C]think I hear it[G]still.
It's the[Am]little stream of[G]water that flows down Spancil[Am]Hill.


To a-[Am]muse a passing[G]fancy, I laid down on the[Am]ground.
And all my school companions, they[C]shortly gathered[G]round.
When[Am]we were home returning, we[C]danced with bright good[G]will
To[Am]Martin Monahan's[G]music, at the cross at Spancil[Am]Hill.


I[Am]went to see me[G]neighbours to see what they might[Am]say,
The old one's were all dead and gone, the[C]young one's turning[G]grey,
I[Am]met with tailor Quigley, he's as[C]bold as ever[G]still,
Sure he[Am]used to make me[G]britches when I lived in Spancil[Am]Hill.


I[Am]paid a flying[G]visit to my first and only[Am]love,
She's as fair as any lilly as[C]gently as a[G]dove,
She[Am]threw her arms around me saying[C]Johnny I love ye[G]still,
She was[Am]Meg the farmer's[G]daughter, the pride of Spaincil[Am]Hill.


I[Am]dreamt I knelt and[G]kissed her as in the days of[Am]yore
Ah, Johnny you're only joking as[C]many the time be-[G]fore
Then the[Am]cock he crew in the morning, he[C]crew both loud and[G]shrill
I a-[Am]woke in Cali-[G]fornia, many miles from Spancil[Am]Hill

Der Autor ist vor über siebzig Jahren verstorben. Daher bestehen keine Urheberrechtsansprüche mehr an diesem Werk.


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  1. Mögliche Ausführung:
    Me[Am]mind being bent on rambling,[/B]to[C]Ireland I[/C /B /A] did[G]fly,
    Buchstaben unter einem Bruchstrich sind einzelne Basstöne, oder unvollständige Slash-Akkorde. Es muss jeweils der vorhergehende Akkord als Grundakkord angenommen werden.
    z.B. Am /B C = Am Am/B C