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The Cat Came Back[Bearbeiten]

Kinderlied (USA) pub.: 1893 Alternativtitel: "But The Cat Came Back", "And The Cat Came Back", etc.  •  Text: Original von Harry S. Miller (*1867-? {nach 1908}) zahlreiche Variationen mündlich überliefert. Melodie: hier nach der Version von Fred Penner bearbeitet von Mjchael 

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  \new ChordNames { \chordmode {
    e1:m d c b:7

  \new FretBoards {
    \override FretBoards.FretBoard.size = #'1.5
    \override FretBoard.fret-diagram-details.finger-code = #'in-dot
    \override FretBoard.fret-diagram-details.dot-color = #'white
    \override FretBoard.fret-diagram-details.orientation =
    <  e, b,-2 e-3 g b e' > % Em
    < a, d a-1 d'-3 fis'-2> % D
    < e, c-3 e-2 g c'-1 e' > % C  
    < b,-2 dis-1 a-3 b fis'-4> % B7

The Cat Came Back[Bearbeiten]


[Em]Old Mister [D]Johnson had [C]troubles of his [B7]own
He [Em]had a yellow [D]cat which [C]wouldn't leave its [B7]home;
He [Em]tried and he [D]tried to [C]give the cat a-[B7]way,
He [Em]gave it to a [D]man goin' [C]far, far a-[B7]way.


But the [Em]cat came [D]back the [C]very next [B7]day,
The [Em]cat came [D]back, we [C]thought he was a [B7]goner
But the [Em]cat came [D]back; it [C]just couldn't [B7]stay
a-[Em]way. [D] - [C] - [B7]

[Em]Old Mister [D]Johnson [C]thought it would be [B7]best
So he [Em]gave him to a [D]man who was [C]going way out [B7]West,
The [Em]train, going [D]round a curve, [C]struck a broken [B7]rail
And [Em]not a man that [D]board that train was [C]left to tell the [B7]tale.

[Em]Old Mister [D]Johnson thought he'd [C]shoot him out of [B7]sight
So he [Em]loaded up his [D]musket with [C]nails and dyna-[B7]mite,
He [Em]laid around the [D]corner 'til the [C]cat came a-[B7]round
But a [Em]half a dozen [D]pieces of the [C]man was all they [B7]found.

He [Em]gave it to a [D]little boy [C]with a dollar [B7]note,
[Em]Told him for to [D]take it up the [C]river in a [B7]boat;
They [Em]tied a rope a-[D]round its neck, it [C]must have weighed a [B7]pound
Now they [Em]drag the river [D]for a [C]little boy that's [B7]drowned.

He [Em]gave it to a [D]man going [C]up in a ba-[B7]lloon,
And [Em]told him for to [D]give him to the [C]man up in the [B7]moon,
The [Em]balloon, it [D]bursted, so the people [B7]say,
And [Em]pieces of the [D]man was found a [C]thousand miles a-[B7]way.

He [Em]gave it to a [D]man going [C]way out [B7]West,
[Em]Told him for to [D]take it to the [C]one he loved the [B7]best;
First the [Em]train hit the [D]curve, then it [C]jumped the [B7]rail,
Not a [Em]soul was [D]left behind to [C]tell the gruesome [B7]tale.

The [Em]cat it had some [D]company one [C]night out in the [B7]yard,
[Em]Someone threw a [D]boot-jack, and they [C]threw it mighty [B7]hard;
It [Em]caught the cat be-[D]hind the ear, she [C]thought it rather [B7]slight,
When a-[Em]long came a [D]brick-bat and [C]knocked the cat out of [B7]sight

A-[Em]way across the [D]ocean they did [C]send the cat at [B7]last,
[Em]Vessel only [D]out a day and [C]making water [B7]fast;
[Em]People all be-[D]gan to pray, the [C]boat began to [B7]toss,
A [Em]great big gust of [D]wind came by and [C]every soul was [B7]lost.

On a [Em]telegraph [D]wire, sparrows [C]sitting in a [B7]bunch,
The [Em]cat was feeling [D]hungry, thought she'd [C]like 'em for a [B7]lunch;
[Em]Climbing softly up the [D]pole, and [C]when she reached the [B7]top,
Put her [Em]foot upon the [D]electric wire, which [C]tied her in a [B7]knot.

The [Em]cat was a poss-[D]essor of a [C]family of its [B7]own,
With [Em]seven little [D]kittens till there [C]came a cycl-[B7]one;
Blew the [Em]houses all a-[D]part and [C]tossed the cat a-[B7]round,
The [Em]air was full of [D]kittens, and not a [C]one was ever [B7]found.

Der Autor ist vor über siebzig Jahren verstorben. Daher bestehen keine Urheberrechtsansprüche mehr an diesem Werk.