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Jingle Bells[Bearbeiten]

[D]Jingle bells, [']jingle bells, [']jingle all the [7]way,
[G] Oh what fun it [D]is to ride in a[ (Em]one-horse[E7) ]open[A]sleigh, [ 7]hey,
[D]Jingle bells, [']jingle bells, [']jingle all the[7]way,
[G]Oh what fun it[D]is to ride in a[ (A]one-horse [7) ]open[D]sleigh.
[D]Dashing through the[']snow, in a[']one-horse o-pen[G]sleigh,
O'er the fields we[ A]go, [7]laughing all the[D]way,
[D]Bells on bobtails ring, making spirits[G]bright,
What fun it is to[A]ride and sing a[7]sleighing song to-[D]night, oh


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