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'Folk-Song aus den USA Alternativtitel: Ox-Driver Song  •  Text und Melodie: Jimmie Driftwood (*1907–†1998) bearbeitet von Mjchael 

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Ox-Driving Song[Bearbeiten]

Am Pop my whip and I bring the blood
I G make the leaders take the mud;
We grab the Am wheels and we turn them around
One G long, long pull and we're Am on hard ground.
To me Am rol, to me rol, to my rideo
To me G rol, to me rol, to my rideo
To my ride- Am o, to my rudeo
To me G rol, to me rol, to my Am rideo
On the Am fourteenth day of October-o
I G hitched my team in order-o
To drive the Am hills of Saludio
To me G rol, to me rol, to my Am rideo
When Am I got there the hills were steep,
'Twould G make any tender-hearted person weep
To hear me Am cuss and pop my whip
And G see my oxen Am pull and slip.
When I Am get home I'll have revenge,
I'll G land my family among my friends.
I'll bid ad- Am ieu to the whip and line
And G drive no more in the Am wintertime.

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